At Traders Point Dental, we focus on non-surgical treatments to help you fight back against gum disease. From diagnosis to treatment, we’re committed to restoring your gums to a healthy, vibrant state. Strong gums and the underlying bone are the foundation for keeping your teeth for a lifetime. Gum disease affects millions of Americans – many of whom are unaware of the harmful conditions hiding under the surface of their smiles. You might be at risk if you experience any of the following conditions:

  • Bleeding during brushing or eating
  • Red or swollen gums that are tender or sensitive
  • Heavy buildup around teeth that cannot be removed with brushing
  • Teeth that feel loose or are spreading out
  • Persistent bad breath

We offer several treatments, including gum scaling and root planing (commonly called “deep cleaning”) to help you fight back against gum disease. When gum disease goes untreated, bacteria threatens to destroy the structure of the supporting bone and may even cause the loss of teeth altogether. In advanced stages, the condition can even lead to an increased risk of stroke or heart disease. The key to treatment is getting an early and effective start.