What Sets Us Apart

Are You Ready to Experience Care Beyond Compare?

We are known in our neck of the woods for our top notch customer service! And it’s not by accident. We might as well have Aretha sing it because it’s based on having R-E-S-P-E-C-T for each patient. One of the hallmarks of our practice is the incredible diversity of our patients. From average Joe’s to CEO’s, we’re ready to extend a warm and sincere welcome and provide you with the best care in town. You’ll see why we’ve been voted year-after-year as an Angie’s List Super Service Provider and as one of Indianapolis’ Top Dentists by our peers. Read the stories behind the smiles from over 1000 of our patients who have rated us 5-Stars.

Angie's List 2015 Award

Prompt Service – We Respect Your Time

We know you’re taking time from your busy schedule to visit the dentist (everyone’s favorite thing to do!) so we’ll do everything possible to keep you on time. Yes, we welcome you to brew yourself a cup of joe but it may get cold because you won’t wait long in our office.

Show Me the Diagnosis

We don’t just tell you what we found, we’ll show it to you. We’ve invested in digital technology to display x-rays and photos on the TV right in front of you. So if we find an issue, you’ll see it – it’s one of the best ways to keep patients informed and involved in their care. It may be the first time you’ve witnessed your mouth up close. But once you see it, you’ll agree that it’s one of the best ways to understand what’s going on in your mouth.

Welcome Desk

When’s The Last Time a Dentist Called You After Treatment?

Dr. Sang personally calls each patient receiving treatment in our office, from fillings to extractions and everything in between. That’s over 2500 calls each year since 2009! We really care about what we do and most importantly, we care about you.

Did We Mention We’re All Digital?

All x-rays taken in our office are digital. What’s that mean to you? Greater safety and a faster visit! A set of 4 digital bitewing x-rays in our office has about 10% of the radiation of traditional bitewing x-rays and about 0.1% of the radiation of a traditional chest x-ray. It is much less than one day of natural background radiation. And it’s displayed instantly on our computers!