No Cutting. No Sutures. No Painful Second Surgical Site. Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) is the minimally invasive gum surgery alternative!

Instant Results with Receding Gums Treatment in Indianapolis, IN

If you have been avoiding gum recession treatment due to the perceived discomfort and downtime associated with grafting or pocket reduction surgery, the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) may be the solution for you. Dr. Kwon is one of the first three general dentists in Indianapolis to be personally trained by the inventor of the PST. This technique delivers immediate results without the use of scalpels or sutures, drastically reducing discomfort and recovery time. If you need receding gums treatment in Indianapolis, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sang to discover whether you are a candidate for this gum recession surgery.


  • Instantly improved appearance and tooth sensitivity
  • Minimized discomfort and recovery times
  • No incisions or stitches
  • Multiple teeth can be treated in one session
  • No need for a painful second surgical site
  • Alternative to traditional gum recession surgery
  • Very little bleeding or swelling
  • Restores the protective barrier needed for a healthier and more attractive smile

Actual Cases Completed by Dr. Sang