If you’re missing several teeth or have an older style of denture that isn’t working out for you, we can accommodate your needs with a cost-effective denture solution.

Dentures depend on a custom fit for maximum comfort and proper use.  The TPD Team will take careful impressions and create custom-fitting dentures that are comfortable to wear and easy to clean. Here are your options:


Complete dentures are used to replace all of the teeth at one time. The denture covers the entire arch and is secured using suction against the mouth’s natural anatomy.  We will always try to save as many teeth as possible before recommending a complete denture because nothing works as well as your natural teeth.


A partial denture replaces only the missing teeth while clasping around your existing teeth for support. Partials can be used to replace only a few or several teeth at one time.  We always recommend a partial over a complete denture if you have several remaining healthy teeth that can be used as anchors.  You will eat and speak much better with a partial vs complete denture.  Partials can be made with acrylic or metal bases.  We will discuss which option is best for you.


What if there was a way to get your dentures to stay in place all day long? There is! Thanks to dental implant therapy, implant-anchored dentures are now an excellent treatment opportunity for the traditional denture patient.

Implant dentures mean:

  • No messy adhesives to fuss with
  • Enhanced ability to chew
  • Slimmer fit that frees up space in your mouth
  • Improved speech abilities
  • Comfortable, natural fit
  • Rejuvenated confidence with a comfortable smile


Traditional dentures can be difficult to wear, often slipping out of place. Many people complain that their dentures feel loose or are uncomfortable to wear.  This is especially true over time as our jawbone shrinks in size in the absence of teeth.

At Traders Point Dental, we can anchor dentures with small caps that snap onto dental implants for easy removal.  We’ll carefully determine how many implants are needed and what type of implant-anchored denture is best for you.

With implant dentures, you’ll find renewed confidence in your smile!  From start to finish, your entire treatment is completed right here in the comfort of our practice to give you the very best results.